Our Remapping Services

Fuel Saving Remap

This remap provides improved throttle response with 10% - 20% increased power and torque.

MPG figure are on average raised by 5 miles per gallon.

Stage 1 Remap

This remap provides excellent throttle response with 20% - 50% increased power and torque.

Fuel economy can also improve with "careful" driving.

Stage 2 Remap

This remap drastically increases power and torque, quite often up to 80%.

The stage 2 remap usually requires upgraded induction, fueling and exhaust systems.




ECO remap save fuel
Stage 1 ECU Remap
Stage 2 ECU Remap power

Please note should your vehicle not be compatible with OBD remapping there is an additional charge of £40 to remove the ECU and perform a bench map.

Remap Options

Launch control  petrol +£80

(where possible)
Antilag                       +£80
DSG tuning                +£80
Immobilizer delete      +£80

(Where possible)

Adblue / SCR delete   +£20

Start / Stop disable     +£20
Speed limit disable     +£20
RPM limit increase      +£20
BMW Sport display     +£20
DPF / FAP delete        +£20
EGR Delete                +£20
Swirl flap delete          +£20
Fault code delete (5X)  free
Hot start fix                +£20
Torque Monitoring off  +£20
TVA off                       +£20
Hard cut limiter           +£20

Launch control            +£20

(diesel) (Where Possible)
MAF delete                 +£20
Lambda/O2 Removal   +£20
Nox off                       +£20

(Where possible)
GPF/OPF delete         +£20

Cold start noise reduction

                                  +£20       Kickdown Deactivation                                          +£20

DPF EGR Delete

Please note these options are in addition to the base maps.